Stacker Ventures Token Research Memo

3 min readApr 7, 2021

What: Stacker Ventures is a community-run protocol for initiating and managing pooled capital on the Ethereum blockchain. Structured as a DAO, Stacker Ventures initiates decentralized funds, accelerates portfolio investments through an involved community, and provides checks and balances to fund management. The DAO’s first fund is an expedited crypto-native fund that invests in up-and-coming ERC-20 projects

Why: Stacker Ventures is built and maintained by contributors from all over the globe with the common goal of building an alternative to inaccessible early-stage capital investing.



Token Permissioned Due Diligence Committee

How: STACK Token. Different tiers provide access to the products.

Users with at least 10 STACK will have access to the Stacker Ventures Accelerator. With a vested interest in the success of the projects, these members will have access to:

• Referral rewards (earn STACK if Fund 1 invests in a project a stakeholder refers)

• Early access to project betas

• Bounties

• Communication lines with early-stage project teams

• The ability to earn reputation within the DAO

10,000 STACK provides access to the due diligence committee. Due Diligence Committee members will:

• Conduct due diligence on deals and discuss within the group

• Vote on which opportunities Fund 1 invests in

• Help guide early stage projects through the funding process

• Pass the vote on to the DAO Council to implement

• Possible first access to future funds

• Have access to dealflow if extra allocation is available or if Fund 1 decides to pass on an investment

DAO Council — 20,000 STACK and Approval

Individuals with a significant stake in the DAO will be able to apply to join the DAO Council. While only DAO Council members can submit proposals, all STACK holders can vote on every proposal, and anyone with more than 10 STACK can submit a pre-proposal to the council for review




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