NFT Matrix #63

3 min readJun 16, 2024


Hi, and welcome to the newest edition of NFT Matrix, where I present NFT Artists’ work. The artist I am presenting is Elfilter.

Piece: “lost papyaLink

Artist: “Elfilter/2023”

NFTMatrix: The piece is animated a moody. The colors are bright, but there is a bit of a somber atmosphere of reflection. The title hints at the subject being lost, perhaps with a nickname (papya) from a family member. The animation adds nice aspects of motion and intensity.

Piece: “aura špectrum” Link

Artist: “Elfilter/2023”

NFTMatrix: The art is again animated, with a glowing subject who looks like they are from an 80s music video. I like the glowing lights and robotic looking figure.

Piece: “Early Days” Link

Artist: “Elfilter/2023”

NFT Matrix: Similar to the first piece, with a bit darker overtones. I think this style would be great for a movie poster or album cover.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to the artist! Find their links here.

Feel free to comment and share some creators to highlight, or subscribe, and see you next time 😎

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