Layer N and Escrin Collaboration

3 min readMay 30, 2024


This article outlines how Layer N and Escrin are working together and why they are collaborating.

but first, what is Layer N?

Layer N: Hyper-Performant and Scalable Blockchain

Layer N is a multi-tenant L2 blockchain network designed to deliver trustless computing at internet scale. It supports independently scalable execution environments (XVMs) powered by a shared peer-to-peer communication layer. This architecture enables ultra-low latency, high throughput, and negligible transaction fees, while allowing seamless composability and liquidity sharing between applications. Developers can build applications on Layer N either by launching their own XVMs or on the public N-EVM instance, benefiting from enhanced performance and scalability.

ok, what about Escrin?

Escrin: Trustworthy Off-Chain Computation

Escrin is a network which extends the capabilities of smart contracts by enabling high-integrity, trustworthy off-chain computation. Utilizing trusted execution environments (TEEs), secret sharing, and advanced cryptographic techniques, Escrin allows smart contracts to interact privately with off-chain data and securely push results back on-chain. The Escrin Network provides a decentralized, serverless computing environment, akin to AWS for Web3, with secure virtual machines, key management, and storage.

Synergy between Layer N and Escrin

The collaboration between Layer N and Escrin bridges the gap between on-chain and off-chain computation seamlessly. Here’s why they are a perfect match:

Enhanced Performance and Security
Layer N’s high-speed, scalable blockchain benefits from Escrin’s ability to handle complex, off-chain computations securely, ensuring data integrity and privacy.

Real-Time Transaction Processing
Escrin’s nano-bridges enable real-time data fetching and verification, allowing Layer N to maintain its rapid transaction processing without bottlenecks.

Scalable Infrastructure
Escrin’s decentralized computation complements Layer N’s multi-tenant architecture, providing developers with a robust infrastructure to build and scale dApps efficiently.

Comprehensive Developer Tools
Combining Layer N’s execution environments with Escrin’s smart worker runtime offers developers a powerful toolkit to create more interactive and autonomous applications.

Seamless Integration
Both platforms emphasize ease of integration and flexibility, ensuring applications can leverage their strengths without compromising decentralization or security.

A DeFi User’s Experience with Layer N and Escrin

Morning: Portfolio Management
As a DeFi user, you wake up and swiftly move assets between protocols using Layer N’s ultra-fast, low-cost transactions. A Layer N dApp leveraging Escrin provides real-time analytics based on your private data, without compromising privacy.

Afternoon: Lending Platform
You participate in a decentralized lending platform that uses Escrin to verify borrowers’ off-chain credit scores securely. The transaction is near-instant thanks to Layer N’s infrastructure.

Evening: Automated Trading
You use a Layer N smart contract integrating with Escrin to execute trades autonomously based on real-time data and complex algorithms processed off-chain securely.


The Layer N and Escrin partnership represents a leap forward for decentralized applications. By combining Layer N’s scalable blockchain with Escrin’s trustworthy off-chain computation, users and developers gain the infrastructure for high-performance, secure, and interactive Web3 applications. For DeFi users, this means faster transactions, enhanced security, and powerful, data-driven applications — creating a stronger and more efficient decentralized finance ecosystem.




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