Bond Protocol User Experience

2 min readApr 25, 2023

This article is about my experience using Bond Protocol. Bond protocol provides digital assets at a discount in exchange for a lockup period (a ‘bond’). I’ve used the protocol myself to acquire Neutra tokens at a discount in the past.

Below you can see that Bond provides you an easy to browse menu of the tokens available to bond for.

Below is an example of what it looks like if you click into a Bond offering. The discount, vesting term, capacity, and interface to bond are contained in this bond offering page. You usually have an offering to use ETH or a stablecoin.

I had a smooth experience. There was nothing confusing during the user experience. I see two obstacles two convincing people to use Bond Protocol more often

1) the lockup term length. If they are too long, a user might be worried that the discount won’t be a discount if the crypto market goes south and prices correct 50 % or more. This means the projects have to be of incredibly high quality as well so that there is faith. of recovery if the price is heavily corrected.

2) trust in the smart contract. Locking up capital in any smart contract is risky, and smart crypto investors know not to lock up a large percentage of capital in any one smart contract. This is more of a generic risk which might dissuade a crypto investor. Luckly that is combatted by an active team and smooth UI/UX, indicating a high quality team.

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