Altered State Event Review:

2 min readApr 16, 2021
Pondering the Charged Particle

I’m one of those people who isn’t completely sold on the Metaverse, I’ll admit it. But I went to Altered State with an open mind.

Charged Particle Venue

The first area I checked out was the Charged Particles room in Decentraland. The navigation was easy enough, and there was live music streaming the whole time.

I transitioned to Cryptovoxels and enjoyed exploring the entirety of the building. There was a lot of amazing art like this:


And this:

There was also live music streaming the whole time, and people were dancing and asked by the emcee to support the artists.

I thought this event was pretty fun! It was fairly early in the morning for me, but for the others it appeared to be night time. Either way, I enjoyed perusing the gallery and can understand what’s interesting about this format. I do hope in the future that we can get some hybrid events which have virtual galleries and in-person displays of the art as well. Altered State will be running every 3 weeks or so, and I’d recommend dropping in. I know I will be!

Check out Charged Particles here:




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